Reading Aloud To Children (Part 2)

This series is in 8-parts, adapted from a training handbook I prepared in 2011 for the training of public and private schools teachers in Lagos-Nigeria on how to read aloud to children. It was first serialised online by Reading Gym. I have altered the content to reflect some of the more recent happenings in the world of literacy. It is also my wish that you will (if you’ve not already started one) decide to set up your own book: bag, basket, box, case, shelf, corner or room in your world and kindle that tiny flame to become an inferno of book lovers in that little child in your life or around you.

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Image courtesy of United for Kids Foundation

Why Read Aloud?

It is a natural process that the act of speaking comes naturally to every human save those with health related issues like speech impairments. And what informs what comes out of a human being’s mouth (children inclusive) is what they might have heard, read, observed or perceived. Continue reading “Reading Aloud To Children (Part 2)”


From summer coaching class to a Montessori school: the story of Fig Montessori School in Lagos

I started teaching during my national youth service corps year. I was posted to a primary school where I had my first teaching experience, I taught the pre-school and primary classes. This was what motivated me and encouraged me to go into the teaching profession. Continue reading “From summer coaching class to a Montessori school: the story of Fig Montessori School in Lagos”

The use of foreign curriculums by schools in Nigeria

This article was first posted on (an online forum for education issues in Nigeria). It has been republished here with the consent of the author.

There is no doubt that the direction of a nation is determined by the information its citizens are fed with. So, curriculum as the guide to information source is an essential key in any national system. The quality of the curriculum adopted by an educational institution reveals its focus and direction. Overtime, several attempts have been made by Nigerians and Nigerian governments to design curriculums that will be our unique sources of the clear vision and mission of the Nigerian-state, and thus prepare Nigerians from their earliest lives for the attainment of the lofty goals of this Great Country, NIGERIA. Continue reading “The use of foreign curriculums by schools in Nigeria”

Reflections on Handwriting

Say what you will, sir, but I know what I know;

That you beat me at the mart. I have your hand to show;

If the skin were parchment, and the blows you gave were ink.

Your own handwriting would tell you what I think.

-William Shakespeare, Comedy of Errors [III,1, Dromio of Ephesus]

It is statistically proven that parental involvement in children’s academic activities dwindles by the time the kids get into college/secondary schools. This is not difficult to understand. Most of the take-homes or homework become increasingly difficult, especially for parents who stopped schooling at pre-tertiary education stage. Continue reading “Reflections on Handwriting”

Are we progressing or retrogressing?

There is virtually nothing that does not deserve a new look or face: health, education, power or culture, everything deserves to look new.  To be able to compete and be trendy in the world. Looking into the Nigerian education sector, what do I see? Progression or retrogression? Moving forward or sliding backwards? Continue reading “Are we progressing or retrogressing?”