Reading Aloud To Children (Part 8)

This series is in 8-parts, adapted from a training handbook I prepared in 2011 for the training of public and private schools teachers in Lagos-Nigeria on how to read aloud to children. It was first serialised online by Reading Gym. I have altered the content to reflect some of the more recent happenings in the world of literacy. It is also my wish that you will (if you’ve not already started one) decide to set up your own book: bag, basket, box, case, shelf, corner or room in your world and kindle that tiny flame to become an inferno of book lovers in that little child in your life or around you.

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Image from United for Kids Foundation.


A library is a book bank. It is the heart and soul of a house. What makes a library are not its buildings but its services. A library is really not more than the services it offers and is no more effective than how well those services meet the needs of the library’s users. Sometimes it is possible to provide for the services most needed in a community without having a Full – Service Library.

With the growth in the use of digital platforms, library services are now being provided remotely to their users and readers are able to access a plethora of reading materials to satisfy their insatiable reading wants and needs. There are many free online library services that cut across nations and continents. There are digital sites that provide free access to patent free literary works. Humanity has never been blessed with so much access to high quality reading materials in its history, like it is experiencing in this era of internet.

A book: bag, basket, box, case, shelf or corner, can serve as a library. To have a personal, family, friendship, group, classroom or school library does not have to be expensive or burdensome. There are many ways through which books could be acquired for any library service; irrespective of the limitations or challenges that finance may potentially pose.

Book donations, organizing book drives, purchasing publishers’ excess stocks, attending library clearances, buying from the local used book stores, applying for books donation from NGOs, group levies for library purpose, classroom books drive, school books drive, PTAs book donations or government book supplies are some of the ways and manners a library can be set up successfully with little or no financial commitment.


  • Ready, Set, Read!: A Start – To – Finish Reading Program Any Parent Can Use by Barbara Curtis.
  • Read For Your Life: 11 Ways to Better Yourself Through Books by Pat Williams, Peggy Mathews Rose and Phil Jackson.
  • Better than Life by Daniel Pennac.
  • The Read Aloud Handbook: Sixth Edition by Jim Trelease.
  • Reading magic: Why reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek.
  • Reading Together: Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read by Diane Waxer Frankenstein.
  • Read for Your Life by Gladys Hunt and Barbara Hampton.
  • Baby Read Aloud Basics: Fun and Interactive Ways to Help Your Little One Discover the World of Words by Caroline J. Blakemore and Barbara Weston Ramirez.
  • Great Books about Things Kids Love: More Than 750 Recommended Books for Children 3 to 14 by Kathleen Odean.
  • The Power of Reading by Prof. Stephen D. Krashen.
  • Handbook for Small, Rural, and Emerging Public Libraries by Anne Gervasi and Betty Kay Seibt.

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